Antike Duellum

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Antike Duellum: 2 players, playing time 60 - 90 minutes, age 12+, english materials included
Designer: Mac Gerdts

Two mighty ancient empires arise:
They sail the seas, found new cities, erect glorious temples, and develop new technologies. But territories and resources are limited, and soon after their peaceful coexistence threatens to change to military conflict. Who can manage their state affairs best? Who is able to use the fortune of events for their people best? And who leads their legions and fleets with strategic genius to victory? The answer lies in your hands.
Antike Duellum is a challenging rivalry for 2 players 13 years old and up. Ancient history comes alive with two scenarios – Rome versus Carthage and Persia versus Greece – playable in about 60 to 90 minutes. The accessible rules of the strategy game Antike (winner of the Deutscher Spielepreis 2006 bronze prize) were modified to perfectly suit a 2 player game. In particular, there are 25 new event cards that each have to be used in the right moment – and they guarantee that no two sessions of Antike Duellum are alike.


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