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Product no.: 9723

3 - 5 players, playing time 30 minutes, Age 8+, english materials included.
Game Design: Daniela and Christian Stöhr

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Delivery weight: 1,240 g

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Product no.: 9727

An expansion for Pictures by Daniela and Christian Stöhr for up to 6 players. (8+ years, playtime approx. 30 min)


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Delivery weight: 533 g

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Product no.: 9726

XL photos for Pictures.

12.80 *

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Product no.: 9723-02

Scoring pad for Pictures

Scoring sheet as a PDF

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Delivery weight: 130 g

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Product no.: 9723-01

Deck of cards with the added photos of the second edition of Pictures.

Only necessary, if you own the first edition of Pictures that only included photocards that showed the Pictures title on a white background on the back of the cards. (Beginning with the second edition (July 2020), the game includes 182 photos on 91 double sided photo cards by default.)

2.50 *
Delivery weight: 90 g

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