Concordia Venus – Expansion for Concordia

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This version is not playable on its own – you will need a copy of the Concordia base game.

Concordia: 2 - 6 players, playing time 60 - 120 minutes
Age 12+, english materials included
Designer: Mac Gerdts

With the help of Venus, the goddess of love and intimacy, two partners work together at a game of Concordia while competing against one or two other teams. Mutual understanding and coordinated planning are essential to succeed as a harmonious couple. Venus also offers a challenging new game variant for 2 to 5 individual players. With additional game material for a sixth player and new game boards, Concordia Venus can be integrated with the base game and all previous Concordia expansions, including Salsa.




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Concordia Expansion Britannia / Germania Concordia Expansion Britannia / Germania
14.80 € *
Delivery weight: 650 g
Concordia Salsa (Expansion for Concordia) Concordia Salsa (Expansion for Concordia)
29.80 € *
Delivery weight: 1,320 g
Concordia Gallia / Corsica Concordia Gallia / Corsica
14.80 € *
Delivery weight: 670 g
Expansion for Concordia and Navegador Expansion for Concordia and Navegador
6.90 € *
Delivery weight: 188 g
Concordia Aegyptus / Creta Concordia Aegyptus / Creta
14.80 € *
Delivery weight: 540 g
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