About us

About us

Welcome to PD-Verlag!

The PD-Verlag was founded in 1994. We started with publishing academic textbooks for German students in economics.

Since 2005 we included strategy games into our program, which are well known amongst board game players. Antike, our first game, was very successful and awarded third best at the Deutsche Spielepreis. In the following years we published more games designed by Mac Gerdts: Imperial (2006), Hamburgum (2007), Die Princes of Machu Picchu (2008), Imperial 2030 (2009), Navegador​ (2010), Antike Duellum. (2012), Concordia (2013) and Anitke II (2014).

Strategy games by the PD-Verlag are characterized by their game play depth in relation to the clear rules. The games have no or only a small amount of luck factor.

Next to numerous top places at German Game awards we as well received many international awards. For example various games were nominated at the International Gamers Awards